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Woman Of My Life
Tekst & musik: Henrik Volf

Woman of my life
the colors of my eyes
They never thought that I
ever could need someone
like I need you

When the world seem so unkind
and the lies are so untrue
When faces are unfriendly
I know I can always turn to you

My woman of my life
you’re the lover of my life
and this here is made from love
yeah this song is made
only for you

I want to say I love you
and girl I really do
And all the time I just wanted to show
how much I need and care for you

But I can be the jealous guy
and girl I still wonder why
Why I can be so weak
when you’re so strong
Why you’re still here
and have not gone

My woman of my life
I try to show the best in me
but I
I can't help it
when I fell I’m loosing you

Woo my woman of my life
you're the woman of my life
words just ani't enough
to tell how much I love